The best TTWW ever

I feel like Indonesia is one of the country that has the biggest twitter user. Mau bukti? Buktinya ya dari gambar di atas. Nggak nyambung ya? I don't care :) Tapi kreatif lo ya wqwq... Pertamanya saya bingung, di timeline banyak banget yang ngomong JUSTIN IS SESUATU GREYSON IS KECE ONE DIRECTION IS SEKSEH CODY IS UNYU. Akhirnya setelah menelaah beberapa lama saya baru tau kalo itu adalah TTWW yang dibuat oleh orang Indonesia. Siapa kira kira yang pertama mulai............*hening*



Yapp, I changed my header, well actually the zebra patterns are meant to go all the way but I don't really care because yes, I am too lazy and also I added follow button and home, profile and links button. Also, the 'geek' brief profile picture, I changed it. Overall, I quite like it <3

Anyway, *pake bahasa indo aja deh* tadi random banget tiba tiba pengin timbang berat badan dan ternyata, abrakadabra... turun 2 kilo. Saya turun 2 kilo aja bangganya bukan main apalagi orang orang diluar sana yang emang udah niat ngurusin badan dan sukses. Jadi di timbangan saya itu ada tulisan kayak gini:

Average Weight
Men(kg) Height(cm) Women (kg)
49          145          45
52         150          49
56          155          52
59          160          55
62          165          57
66          170          60
70          175          64
74          180          67
77          185          71
82          190          74

Sedangkan saya punya tinggi 160cm dan kalo menurut tabel di atas berat badan saya harusnya 55kg padahal berat badan asli saya itu 58kg. Bikin galau sumpah -_- Padahal akhir akhir ini waktu saya, saya habiskan buat bersepeda gembira *eaaa

Dari dulu sumpah masalah berat badan itu bikin perut mules, iyangggaksih? Kalo saya sih iya. Ohya btw saya punya satu tips dari ibu saya biar badan nggak melar melar banget. Kata dia, kalo makan pake nasi, nasinya dikit aja, tapi lauknya dibanyakin nggakpapa. Benernya, saya rada rada gimana gitu ya sama tips barusan, soalnya kalo misal saya makan dan lauknya itu semisal kayak kalo kita tambah dua piring, berarti? Ya kan sama aja... Ahhh bododeh -_- Btw post barusan cuman buat seneng senengan aja ya, nggak usah dianggap serius. Okedeh.. *kissmwahbye



Nebula image from Google Images
Cloud image from Tumblr
White Wolf image from Deviantart

I've been really stressed out lately and there were no reasons for being stressed. I'm just stressed full stop. Anyway, I don't know what I should type in this post because I'm just that awesome -_- School starts on 30 January and I'm not ready for it. *you know kan gimana rasanya liburan panjang dan tiba tiba udah mau masuk sekolah aja* :"

Now I'm stuck again on what to type in this post. God, my brain is just starting to melt because I spent my holiday by doing something that is unimportant, such as bla bla bla and bla bla bla. Seriously, this post is the most random post that I have ever written. Anyway, this year, my brother will be in the same school as I am. He looked quite interested in becoming a highschooler -_- He just does not know how much works that he is gonna get in highschool. Oh god, I'm already tired being a highschooler, just wanna go to uni :) Well actually uni is also not as fun as I have been thinking. Well, yeah, that's life. I mean, when we're in primary school, we want to go to highschool asap and once we're in highschool, we want to graduate soon and go to uni and once we already in uni, we want to go back to primary school or kindergarten. -_- Well yeah some people think that way including me :D 


stir it until it fades away

just left out 'know' on DO NOT ___ WHAT IS THAT? -_- *sigh

My brain feels like mixing together like the eggs in the bowl that I stirred. Feel like wanna eat an omelette or just a simple egg food like "telor ceplok" or "telor dadar" -_-

P.S. Ini temen adek coba baca buku basa indo jadi pengin ngakak.
Stop please.... :D



Don't wanna say to much but I found a watch on a ring at diva this afternoon when took a walk at Rundle Mall because I'm just hell bored :D Quite surprise though but it's really cute and so I bought it \^o^/ for like 20 bucks. A bit expensive because you know it's still a watch. Anyway, I'm wondering if there is gonna be a calculator on a ring :\ My maths tests and exams marks just going up and up. *actually whatever size of ur calculator is, calculator is still allowed in the exam room, what a weird -_-

Something that I made :3

This is me wearing it -_-


Kyaaaaa :D I've got another tag from Rona. I actually know that I've got this few days ago but I just got no time to post it and so I'm just posting it now. I actually have got this so, I am just gonna do a rule which is Answer the question the tagger set for me in their post. Heheheheh ;;)

So Rona's 11 questions are :
1. Suka di tag nggak?
Yaaa suka suka aja sih, tapi rulesnya itu loh yaa muehuehehehe..
2. Kapan mulai blogging?
Juli 2010
3. Kelas berapa sekarang?
4. Nge-post ginian jam berapa?
4.14 PM
5. Sering ol jam berapa?
Kalo liburan ya sepanjang waktu siang-malem
Kalo masih sekolah ya malem
6. Pilih blog, fb, atau twitter? (CHOOSE ONE!!)
7. Lebih suka/nyaman pake rok/celana?
8. Yang mana yang lebih banyak kamu punya; rok atau celana?
Celanaaa ftw ;;D
9. Posting berapa hari sekali?
Tergantung mood. Kalo mood lagi pengin ngepost ya paling banyak ya 3 post, kalo males ya paling cuman balesin cbox
10. Apa saranmu buat blog aku?
Waduh saya ini paling nggak bagus kalo kasih saran. Ya maaf yeee ^^v
11. Opini kebanyakan orang buat blog kamu apa?
Ummm... Nggak tau juga yaaa hahahah :D

Anyway, I'm done :D And I'm really sorry for breaking the rules *nangis* (tapi bukan breaking rules juga kali, soalnya gue udah pernah dapet tag kayak gini xD)

Holiday is still going on but my boredom is already killing me slowly :| Seriously!! There are lots of things that I already done during the holiday and now, I runs out of things to do but I have been downloading The Wallflower comic from the internet. It's really great and I love the story of it. So, the story contains 5 highschoolers. Four of them are cute and handsome boys and one of them is scary girl. This girl is living independently and she likes the scary things and horror movie and all of them are living together in like a mansion, really huge mansion owns by the scary girl's auntie. If the four of the boys can make the scary girl becoming like a lady, the boys will live there for free. I am now reading volume 27 and as I can see that there is a bit of crush between the scary girl and one of the handsome guy <3 It's really sweet :3 Seriously :) Anyway, I got bored lately and made this using photoshop. I've been liking making this kind of thing. It's just entertaining to combine some parts of pictures to put to a new image. The image below I made it myself and don't know what it should be called, but it's really an epic piece of crap :\

Leopard Print
Scream mask
Two Nebulas
Police body
Woman face
Queen's Guard
images are all from Google Images. I do not own any of that but the design, I made it myself :)


red life

Mix & Match

I seriously don't have anything to do today. I was just reading the Wallflower manga all day long even though I have finished it but the story just really, *I don't know* :) Anyway, after reading, I made something using photoshop and I call it as MIX AND MATCH. So I just mix and match some clothing from tumblr images that I've got ages ago.

The images I got from tumblr and I edited all of by myself <3
I really like that 'belel' jeans and I wanna have one but I always couldn't find anything like it. Disappointing, and that jeans would look good *in my opinion* with a simple black top, because the jeans already look 'crowded' so, it's gonna be great to just wear a really simple top and I really like that circle sunglasses. That tattoo is really great too and lastly the black boots :D
I don't know why I made that. It's my first :))


Owyeahh.. I'm back and this is gonna be my first post in 2012 ;;) I have been so busy lately ckckck :D Anyway, when I saw something from the cbox the other day, I was quite suprised knowing the fact that someone's given me an award. I almost forgot when the last time I got an award. Alright, I got this award from Lalaa, one of my blogger friends. Thank you so much yaaa, hehehe ;) Visit her blog!! She has an amazing blog. You won't regret it :D

Well, like usual award, every award have some rules -_- The rules are :
1. Thank the person who nominated you and give their blog a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog. ( Already done it )
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Send on the award to 15 bloggers whose blog you appreciate and then let them know that they have won the award.

Alright, here we go :) 7 random facts about myself are :
1. If I'm in the middle of something that interests me and all of a sudden I need to go to pee, I can hold it hueheuhehehhe ;;)
2. I'm a really really lazy person. I mean, REALLY REALLY REALLY lazy.
3. Like to imagine things.
4. Being so nervous easily.
5. I like the smell of new clothes :3
6. Love cycling.
7. Love those unique and uncommon accesories.

And, the last rule is to send on the award to 15 bloggers.
1. Cha
2. Widya
3. PujP
4. Lintang
5. Nisak
6. Intan
7. Claire
 The rest, I couldn't think of anyone, sorry before :)

Anyway, I'm kinda hungry so, I'm off to eat lunch ;D