Well, hello world. It seems that I am super busy when in fact I am extremely jobless you might say. I mean, yes I don't have a job but I don't have some works to do either. Anyway, I am not in Australia anymore. Sad? Hell yes!! I don't know it would be this painful. I am alone here. All of my family, well dad, mom and my bro are still reside in Australia. I feel bit lonely sometimes. Well, yes I have family that resides here but that is not enough!! As you people might don't know, I am now residing in Indonesia. In what city? Well, I am not so sure myself. Sometimes I'm in Pasuruan, Surabaya, and Malang. I live in other people's houses is the main point. I have no house everyone!! One family rent my house and the contract hasn't ended yet and there I am, got nowhere to live where I can feel like yes this is my home!

Okey, enough with the nonsense already. I am already in Indonesia since midway of March and yes my english has been going down significantly. I don't even know if the post that I am typing right know is making any sense.

Continue with the post. I am back to Indonesia cause I needed to enrol at some university in Indonesia cause I am not continuing my study in Australia. After, a few disappontments, voila! I got accepted at the University of Brawijaya. The course that I took is Information Systems, the same course as the course that I got accepted at the University of South Australia. I am not entirely into this course actually. I am not into code and such but we'll see how I'd go.

On 28 August, I will go and get the (almamater), I don't know what's that in english. See, my english become worst -_- and I will take the photo and we'll see how am I wearing it. It would not be nice on me though -_-

Sydney Trip - Day 3

Well, these have been my draft since 2012 and I haven't got time to publish it but here we go!! Oh and yeah, I got accepted at the University of Brawijaya and I'm gonna tell that story on the next post.

Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge