last report


i was looking on my last report. and i was laughing... bahahahahah :DD cuz i've got mostly C, like in maths, i've got C for semester 2 grade and C for final exam. yeah i know why i've got C for the final exam. cuz i was coming late and he/she/whoever gave the fucking difficult exam. i was like, i'm not gonna finish it and yeah i didn't finish it, so i've got C. but when i saw that i've got C for semester 2 grade, i was like, what the fuck. look at my effort : very good task completed : always homework completed : always classroom behaviour : outstanding so, why i've got C ???????????? well, i don't care hahah :DD and i couldn't stop laughing when i saw, Times late unexplained : 3 :O whooooaaaaa?? are you fucking serious? i think i was coming late more than 10 timesssss. the reasons : 1. slept in 2. the fucking bus hahah :D well, that's funny.... and it's pretty long and i gotta sleep now. -,-'

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