omegle time


sebenernya ini yang paling lucu daripada yang lainnya. emang tampilnya kecil banget. tapi bisa diklik kok gambarnya. pokoknya isinya itu :
Stranger : i am from the year 2031
you may ask 3 questions
You : what is air?
You : tell me now
You : wut? 2013?
Stranger : That counts as question one
Stranger : Air is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and dust created by sediment erosion on earth. It only exists in the 'air' form on earth. It contains mostly deionized N2
I was like what??? I don't really know what he/she was talkin' about.

kalo ini aku bener2 nggak nyambung apa yang dia omongin. bener-bener orang aneh yang aku ajak chat itu.

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