i'm back


Hahah. Yes, I'm back. Okey, I'm gonna post some photos and some shit. It's about my last trip to Victor Harbour, because I was promising you that I'm gonna post my photo from the Victor Harbour trip. Here we go. :)

This is what I wore. Funny, isn't it? I wore :
  • Pink top

  • Green short

  • 3/4 Black legging

  • North Star shoes

  • Brown cap

  • Backpacker or bag or whatever you call it

  • Green strips jacket that hung on my bag

  • I thought it's gonna windy, so I brought jacket with me.

    Look at behind me. I love the water. :D

    Ah. I kinda love this photo. It's a bit dark because of the sunshine. :)

    Well, that's all. I ceebs to upload more more photos. Sorry guise.. :)

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