1st Award


Owh My Gawwwddddd ( Oh My God )... The reason why I'm writing like this is because I've got an award from da kewlest gurl in this worlllddd, her name is CHA AOI. She has a gweaattt blog, guise like seriously though. Thank you sooo much. I've never expected to get an award like this ( too much using ?hyperbole? in writing this post -,- ). Anyways, what I have to do now is I have to give this award to another blogger, not really much just 15 ( Too much actually ;D ). So I would give this award to : ( Thinking so hard -,-" )

1. Clarissa
2. Rara
3. Nadhifa
4. Prilly
5. Lydia
6. Aufia
7. Rezti
8. Natika
9. Clara
10. Khairisa
11. Uti
12. Ewi
13. Rini
14. Atika
15. April

Finally... Hahahah :D To all of the bloggers that I've written above, you all guys!! What you have to do is just give this award to another 15 bloggers. Alright. It's just that simple :)) See yaaaa :D

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