I hate chuuu


Have you ever hated those people that like judging you even though they have never been long with us???? I just haaattttttteeeeeee them so much. Ibarat manusia, mereka itu kayak pembantu dan ibu ibu rumah tangga yang suka MENGGOSIP. Mereka itu nggak tau apa-apa tapi mulutnya itu lho yang mana tahan -_-

Tapi tapi tapi sebenernya gue juga suka gitu sih... ;) Lah? Yaaa mohon dimaklumi lah, namanya juga cewek, banyak nyrocosnya xD

Anyway, the revision week starts today. Today in art, I just continue doing my practical 'Me" Nothing good happened and got homegroup and maths studies. Just as usual then had physics and so there was a man coming to see how the teaching andddd he's coming from the same country as I am which is Indonesia. Booo yeahhhh ;) Never been so excited before, well, not really ;;D

Got a maths test tomorow about matrices, wish me luck yaaa :"D

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