it's actually hard to get the title right -_-


Just wanna share about what I did as usual, yaaa you all know laaahhh ;;D
I know that the 'idul adha' sudah lewat ya kan yaaa.. Naaaahhh saya cuman mau share soalnya waktu itu pertama kalinya saya makan sate yang rasanya benar benar mirip sate sate yang di Indooo!!!! Hasyemalah(?) *saya nggak tau barusan itu bahasa apa -_-

Rasanya bener bener nikmat gituuuu *berasa di tukang sate

Then, my stomach was really full so decided went to sunday market. Sunday market is like market where you can buy used things or even new things. Even it is a used thing, the quality is still the same as the new ones and even it is quite unique. Bought something, kyaaaaaaaaa *lebay eh -_-


key tags, mobile tags or what so ever

necklace but then you can use it as a brooch

ring, on the right picture, I didn't mean to do that tho, just wanted to show off the ring ;;D *alibi

*feel like a gypsy now -_-

Anyway, today I had two maths. The first maths, I got a test about matrices. It took even until recess time. It was HARD!!! -_- Then, had the other maths. My teacher brought the practice exam and the zap game.

Jadi modelnya gini deh, ada empat pegangan gitu ada pencetannya di setiap pegangan tadi. Terus entar kayak ada lagu gitu entar kalo lagunya mati, harus cepet cepetan mencet pencetannya tadi. Yang paling lambat bakalan kena setrum terus kalo mencetnya kecepetan juga kena setrum, tapi setrumnya nggak gede kok. Tapi ya gue nggak nyobak, gue dari kecil terlalu takut sama yang namanya setrum sekecil apapun itu u.u

But it looked fun tho :'[

Feel bored now, made this then :"

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