Sunday (30/10) pt II


part I-nya ada di post sebelumnya, cari aja sendiri :p Kalo nggak mau nyari, ini deh gue kasih linknya -_-

This is t second part #eaaa

After went to Melba's Chocolate Factory, my dad decided to go to Cleland Wildlife Park even that was like my 10000000 times to go there but it's alright :p We went to Cleland Wildlife Park. I forgot how much do we need to pay :D

Anyway, in Cleland Wildlife Park, we can see kangaroos, koalas, emus and the other Australian native animals. First of all we went to see koalas and took the pictures with koalas. Let me tell you, KOALAS ARE CUUUUTTTEEEE :3 !!!!!!! No joke, and their fur is soft :')

Please excuse my face on the photo above -_-

This one as well, excuse my face yaaa ;;)
After that, as usual seeing the kangaroos is the must thing(?) We were feeding them. It feels like something when they lick our hands. It feels like "geli geli gimanaaa getooohh -_-" There were lots of kangaroos in hunger so there were lots of kangaroos that NGANTRI asked to be feeding. What a shame!!! Ini mana petugas yang kasih makan???? *eh xD

Looks like a pregnant girl -_-

This one again. Damnnnnnn -_-

Oh, and be careful of what you stepped on while in the kangaroos area because there are lots of TAY TAY KANGAROOS!!!!! Grossssss -_- Then we went to the emus area. It looks a bit similar to orchids but emus are a bit smaller than orchids. I was quite scared with this kind of bird *dunno why (again) -_-

Then, had the most amazing experience ever -_- Not quite amazing actually -_-
So we went to to a some kind of rocky place, and still in the Cleland. It's just like the picture below.

My mum's friend, me, and my mum
So it's just like that. When we walked, suddenly I saw something brown, thin, long and it's MOVING. IT WAS MOVING. I was freaking out when I realised that it's a SNAKEEEEE!!!! IT WAS A SNAKE WITHOUT ANY CAGES NOR "PAWANG ULAR" OR WHATEVER YOU CALL IT.

I was like screaming, OH SHIT!!!! THERE'S A SNAKE!!!! to everyone and so everyone just running forward trying to avoid the snake. Luckily, there weren't any people. After we were quite far from where the snake is my mum asked me if there's really any snake and I was like DUH, MUM YOU THINK THAT I'M JOKING???? NO I WASN'T!! THERE WAS A REAL SNAKE THERE BUT IT SMALL BUT STILL IT IS A SNAKE!!!! Snake is one of my biggest fear -_-

Then after that, we were out of cleland and went to MOUNT LOFTY SUMMIT. It's like a something. I dunno what it is in english nor in indonesian *gotta googling soon ;;)


gross banget muka gueee aaaa -_-
Then went home. Really tired actually and slept afterwards *groookkk ;;)

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