Mix & Match


I seriously don't have anything to do today. I was just reading the Wallflower manga all day long even though I have finished it but the story just really, *I don't know* :) Anyway, after reading, I made something using photoshop and I call it as MIX AND MATCH. So I just mix and match some clothing from tumblr images that I've got ages ago.

The images I got from tumblr and I edited all of by myself <3
I really like that 'belel' jeans and I wanna have one but I always couldn't find anything like it. Disappointing, and that jeans would look good *in my opinion* with a simple black top, because the jeans already look 'crowded' so, it's gonna be great to just wear a really simple top and I really like that circle sunglasses. That tattoo is really great too and lastly the black boots :D
I don't know why I made that. It's my first :))

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