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I feel like this blog has already been "jamuran" because you know, I haven't got time to post something. That's because I'm in year 12 now and there's no time to wasting my time which I always do -_- This year 12, I just have to do four subjects which is interest me and so I have more frees than I got last year when I was in year 11 and now I'm confused about uni. Do I go back or not? Well, I'm gonna try to find a scholarship but if I don't get it, well I have to go back :"

Thinking about uni is seriously such a pain in the ass!! Really!! Many people get depressed about it *not sure -_- Don't know what to write next. Anyway, as I'm already 17 few months ago, I should have had my identity card, I mean KTP -_- but because I couldn't go to report that, I still don't have it. Surprisingly, few days ago, my mum asked me to send her my photo, and bla bla bla to make my identity card. I was like, whooooaaa??? Can we really like make a identity card without even go and see the people face to face and the answer is yes and my mum will get mine on mmmm... forgot when -_-

Oh btw, I really like that gif that I made :))))))))
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Oh my.... this song is absolutely FEYN-TASS-TIK!!!

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