full of meh


Well, yey. Just got back from Central Market. Actually, hours ago. Hahah. Okey, I'm gonna post some shit again. Hahah. After I got back from central market I just felt like, ugh I need to take some pictures. Hahah. Yeh, it's time for my webcam to do it's work. Hahah.

I tried a new hair style. Check it out.

So, yeh this is my new hair style. It's just kinda how Japanese girls do their hair.

and this is how it looks like from the back.

and I continued to take some silly pictures. Geez. I have loads of silly pictures on my laptop. You have to see it someday. :)

Oh and today before I went to central market, I had a shower, of course, and after that I took a picture as well. Hahah. Quite funny though.

this is meh, after had a shower and I did the asian pose. Peace sign and a big smile. I was just wondering why do asian people always to this pose? Well, not always. Hihi.

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