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Well, like usual, I can't sleep at night. I have no idea why? It's a bad habit, actually, but I can't get rid of it and that's why I'm posting on blogger. Anyway, my mum has cooked some fish for my family and I haven't tasted it yet but it looks watery. My mum said because she cooked it with Vegetable Oil. This is the first time my mum's using vegetable oil. Before she started using vegetable oil, she's using Canola Oil. Okey, honestly I have no idea what's the difference by using Canola or Vegetabla oil, because there are some kinds of Cooking oil in supermarket. Huh. Well, that's not my business. Hahah. I don't fucking care.

Oh and I forgot to post about what I did today. I vacumed my house. My mum asked me to do that, but she's helping me as well, but we did it in a different way. We're not using a vacuum cleaner or even a brush. We're using Serviettes. Hah? You must be really confused like how come? I'll tell ya. My brush and vacuum cleaner in my house were all broken. Huh. That sucks. So, the only thing that I could use to clean my house is serviettes. So, we're like crouching on the floor and clening the floor by using serviettes and because of that there's no serviettes left in my house. Gotta buy it soon. Hahah.

Oh, and I had a pretty delicious dinner. I had Sayur Asem. Sayur asem is a traditional food from Indonesia. Traditional? Yeh, dunno. Hahah. It's like a vegetable soup. There's a kangkung and terong/asem or some shit on it. Well, I don't knowww. Hahah. The main thing that I knew was I ate it with an Ocean Jacket. Huhuhu. What's Ocean Jacket? Ocean Jacket is a fish. I bought it in Adelaide Central Market. Hahah oh and it tastes delicious. Omnomnomnom. Still can feel the softness of the ocean jacket and the sour taste of the sayur asem.

and today, I have to go to Adelaide Central Market to buy some chickens and some cooking oil. My mum asked me and I was like, ugh muuuummmm. Noooo. Duhduhduh. This is my life. Full of shits. Hahah lol jk. Love you mum. Oh and hopefully, today I can upload the photos from my Victor Harbour part two trip. Ow and yeah, yesterday, I found my old Nikon digital camera. I looked for it a couple of months back since I've got the new SLR camera. I thought I lost it already because I couldn't find it anywhere. Heheh. Well, that's all from me. I'm sleepy and gotta sleep now. kthxbye.

P.S.When I typing this my leg is bleeding. T.T

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