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Heheh and yeah, I've got a new skin for my blog. It's quite simple and it's really plain, I reckon, but it looks extremely good... Hehey and I added a chatbox as well, because I've been looking through some of my friends blog, and some of them have a chatbox and I felt like, ugh. Should have one for mine and yeah I signed up and made one, and it's transparent because if I made it colorful like red, blue or some shit, that would be not great though because I might change my skin. If I change my skin, of course I have to change the chatbox skin and I don't wanna spent my time just for decide which skin do I use. I ceebs to do that.
Oh and, I added a wishlist for clothing on the left hand side of my blog. You can click on it, but the ones that I really want the most is The Ripped Stocking or whatever you call it. it looks like this.

Geez. It's pretty awesome aye. I loooooooovvvvveeeee that. Actually I've already had a stocking but it's normal, no holes. Hahah. Anyone knows how to make a normal stocking to become like that one that I have posted? Haha. Just tell me if you could. Not here, facebook inbox or tumblr message. Kkthxbye. I'll be continuing post some posts tomorrow, because I ceebs to do that now. Hahah.

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