Well, I haven't been posting since I think last week or three days ago. Haha. I had no time because I've been on TUMBLR. Haha. Sorry blogger, you're my second priority, but the difference between BLOGGER and TUMBLR is :

  • On tumblr, I usually spend my times just for reblogging some pictures, some gif images, some jokes, some quotes, and etc. I rarely post pictures of myself or pictures that have taken by me or post about my feeling.

  • On blogger, I usually post everything that I want. Like my feelings, my experience, my pictures, and etc. Sometimes, I post pictures from my tumblr into my blogger. Haha.

  • But, I love both of them.

    And now, I really need to change my template of my blogger. My template that I'm using now is looking bad. Need to change it asap, but I can't because whenever I try to open www.blogskins.com, it always fail. Huh.

    But, I try it later.

    Oh and yesterday, I went to Victor Harbour for the second times and it wasn't as windy as the first time I went there. It was a bit hot and I've taken some pictures. It's pretty good pictures, I reckon, but I couldn't upload them all. It will take forever to upload the pictures because, my internet connection. Huh. I can't explain it how slow it is, but I will change it soon. Yeheiii. Okey. Bye. Haha. Bad closing aye.

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