mine is crap


I was just blogwalking to the other blogs. They're all have an awesome blog and I felt like ah MINE IS CRAP. Seriously mine is absolutely crap. Look, there's no chatbox because I open my blogger like once a week or once a month. Haha lol jk. I just felt like they're all also have a nice post. Huh, should post more more posts then. Teheheh and I haven't had shower yet. Huhuhu.. Smellyyyy. Yeah, I ceebs to do that, but I will even it's late and I'm totally bored. All of the news in tv are all about flooding in Queensland. Huh. Boreddddd. I wanna see SPONGEBOB. Hah... Yeah I love spongebob and now, I have no idea what I'm gonna post, but my fingers still dancing on the keyboard and still want to type more more words. Oh god help me for some thoughts.

Haha. Finally. Thanks god for giving me one thought to type into my blog. It's about my dream. Hwoaaa. I don't know when but I think it's a week ago. I had a weird dream. It's at night. I woke up at 1 or 2am maybe because I heard some noises inside my house and I checked what the fuck was that? and those noises were from my door. My door wasn't closed. Oh. Scary. Yeh, and I closed it, but outside my house there was my neighbour and he said that he loved me. Hwoaahhh?? Funny. I was laughing, and he was like mad at me and what I didn't know was he hold a knife in his hand and he ran at me to kill me with that knife and I tried to lock my door, but I couldn't because he kept pushing my door, but fortunately there was a guy. He's my neighbour as well, but he the ones that I love, and he said to the guy that wanna kill me. They were fighting and the ones that saved me was won. Haha yey and after that guess what he did. He said to me that he loved me annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd, and yeah I said to him I love you too and

I woke up because it's already morning, huh I hate it. I wanna see how it continues. Haha. Like a drama, but I bet it goes into kissing scene. Haha quite funny. I've never had a weird dream like that. A dream that like a drama movie. Huh. After I had that dream I just really want to have a boyfriend. Huh. I'm single, dude. Hate it. Not really. Teheheh. Actually, that doesn't really matter, but I wish I had one :(

And my brother's still playing happily with his new play station. I was like, oh dude, you've been playing on this all day. Don't you feel bored? and I remember, oh yeh you can't disturb any guy if he play any games, but if that guy pauses his play just to talk to you, so marry him. He's absolutely the ones that we're looking for. Oh. I'm a kind girl. Haha. Marry me guys. Haha. Lol jk I haven't graduated from high school yet. Oh and school starts on 1st of February 2011. Huhu. I'm not looking forward for it, but in fact, I think in the middle of December 2010, I was thinking that I like to come to school, but now, I really hate it. I don't wanna come to school. Huh, but that's alright, because of some reasons and I can't tell you what the reasons are. I'm too embarassed.

but I'm looking forward for coming back to my country this year probably but I'm not really sure. Ah. I miss my friends. They miss me too. Owyeah. Haha. Wanna go to Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta. Oh mum and dad, please get some money to get me there. Haha. I don't mean to force you, but I know you all miss your friends and family as well. My brother, he miiiiiissssssssssssssssssssss his friends so much. Haha yoyoyo... C'mon.. Haha Well, The last words are don't make any sense. So, leave it. Hihihi

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