Huhuhuhuh.. This morning was raining around my house and it's a bit cold outside and inside my house as well and I asked myself, It's summer, Isn't it? I kept wondering why?? because when I had summer last year which was my first summer in Australia, I felt like oh gosh, it's too hot, I couldn't sleep at night because its extremely hooootttt, but summer this year. It's not as hot as summer last year and after that I was just thinking the stupid thought about 2012. I was thinking like, Is it about 2012? Does the world end in 2012?, because as I know, the world will end when the world is in chaos. Hohoho.. Look our world now, everything is in chaos. Like in Haiti. After Haiti had an earthquake, Haiti struggles to rebuild their country. My country, Indonesia. Actually it happened months ago. What has happened was volcano eruption and I think that was the biggest, maybe, I don't really know. In Queensland now. Oh my god, it's flooding in there. I felt sad. It's like the worst natural disaster that ever happened as I heard from the news in tv. I have one friend from tumblr. She's in evacuation centre and I haven't seen her online yet, because all of the power is cut. Hoho, look everything is in chaos. That prove that our world will end soon, probably in 2012. Haha lol. I don't really believe that but I'm just a bit scared like seriously. What if that will really happen? but I hope that won't happen in 2012, because I haven't married and had children yet :( Haha lol, but seriously, I also haven't prayed as much as you (GOD) expected to do. I mean, I do but I still haven't done like the option, the ones that not compulsory. I'm afraid. T.Tcrying inside...

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