Hahah.. I just found out what the thing that I've posted yesterday, because this morning I kept wondering what it's called in english. In soccer, you need to get the ball into that thing and when you get it, everyone will say GOAAALLL.

So, if you're just not sure what I'm talking about. This is what I'm talking about. That thing in soccer.

Yeah, so I just found out from GOOGLE TRANSLATE, but it's a bit weird.

So, this is what I just foound out on GOOGLE TRANSLATE and I was like, okey, I'll check it out. Then I checked the images of WICKET and guess what I got. I got differently what I expected before. Huh, sometimes you can't trust what GOOGLE TRANSLATE says, sometimes it lies to us. Haha

So, I decided that my brother wasn't lying. He said that it's called A GOAL and yeah I gotta call him a MASTER OF ENGLISH.

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