I spent my yesterday night by playing with my brother. We played FIFA. Actually, I wasn't that interested in playing FIFA, but after I saw my brother played, I was like OMG cool. So, I asked him, Can I play? and he said, yeh sure and I replied back, but teach me first and he taught me how to play. Well, it's not that hard. It's easy. You need to have a skill. Haha. Then, I played it and guess what I played the weirdest game ever. I kicked the ball to my own ( I don't know what it's called in english, but in soccer you need to kick the ball to it and when you kick it to it, everybody will say GOAAAAALLLLL, but my brother said that it's called a GOAL. I'm not really sure, but I'm gonna find out ). Haha. Quite funny. I played it just for 15 minutes or so because I played it like at 9.30pm and after that I went to Queenz Pizza on Daws Road for celebrating someone's birthday my parent's friend exactly, and it's not a big party just a medium or a small party, but I think that wasn't a party though. It was just a dinner with friends. Haha..

I didn't eat so much pizzas. I think just 4 or 5 slices and some chips and my stomach was really full. Coudn't eat anymore pizzas and we went home at 11pm. Hoho.. I looked at my parents and they looked so tired. My dad had to go to work early in the morning and my mum had to go to her campus as well but in fact, this morning, she didn't go. Huh. I hate it. Haha.

After got back from home like usual I signed in my facebook, to see maybe there're some people to chat with, and yeah there're some of my friends that still on. Huh, they had to go to school though tomorrow in the morning, but that's alright. While chatting my friends on facebook and yahoo messanger as well, I took some picture, because I looked like I had a haircut. It looks short and I kinda loved it.

omg I loved my hair like this. It's simple. I've got a haircut like this when I was in year 7,8, or 9. I forgot, but I was looked like DORA. Haha with my chubby cheeks.

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