santos tour down under 2011


Okeeyy, I'm back.. Againn? Hahah.. This post is about santos tour down under 2011.. Againnn? Yeh I've alreday posted this before but it's mostly about CAMERON MEYER.

On 23rd of January..

I woke up at 10am. Whattt? Yeh, then I had a shower for about 15 minutes.. ??? After that, I signed in facebook, blogger, and yahoo messanger. Hahah, I'm a yahoo messanger mania. Wahahah. Add me guys. This is my yahoo messanger, sarisoekarno. Hohohoh.

11.30am. I went to South Terrace tram stop to catch a tram. I waited pretty long.

12.00am. Got off in Rundle Mall tram stop and got a yellow cap. There're two people that given it free to all people. Then I walked to King Willian Road.

1.15 or 1.10pm, I dunno, I forgot ;) The race was began.

I was bored and I felt hoooottt. So I bought some cold drinks. Then, sat near parliament house. Then went to Elder Park, to buy merchandise. But, I didn't bought any because the prize was too expensive for me. Eheheh. After that, sat down on the grass, felt really hoott. I just wanted to go home :(

3.00pm, maybe, I forgot again. The winner got on to the stage and blah blah blah and I saw CAMERON MEYER.

Then went home straight away by catching a tram from Adelaide Railway Station tram stop.

On a tram met, some weird people. I don't wanna say, who they were. Then, got off in South Terrace tram stop.

Went home and I slept because I was really tired

Hahahah. Okey, I had some pictures from santos tour down under 2011. Credited to my papa :)

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