Hello again. Well, this is my third post on 21st January 2011. Hahah, because the lasts posts that I've posted all about random pictures that I've got and I added my comments about it and in this post, I'm gonna post about my personal post?

Okey. Australian Day is on 26th January 2011 and probably, I'm not gonna out on that day. Huh. Poor me. T.T Well, I'm not gonna tell you what the reason is. Yeh, but I'm gonna out to Elder Park on 23rd January 2011 to see Tour Down Under. Is that right? Yeh, maybe. My mum wants to buy some stuff or do some shit or whatever, I don't know.

and hopefully my dad's gonna buy me a mp3 or mp4 player. Hwahahaha :D Hohoho. I'm a geek. Yes, I'm absolutely a geek. Ok, deal with it? Hahah. Love you dad :)

Oh yeah, this is my photos. I've taken these days ago.

Me. Eating Vault chocolate. Nomnomonom.

Me. Have the hawtest lips ever. Hwahahaha. LMFAO. Noooo

This is it. Me? Adorable, stunning, beautiful, cool. What else? ROFL.

No more thoughts. So, bye and have a lovely day, readers.. Mwahmwah :*

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