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hei readers.. I'm back.. Hahah after about like a YEAR? I didn't post any post just some photos. So, I'm back for you guise..

Hahah, so today I went to school a bit late because I've got frees. I went to the bus stop at 9am with my mum and we got in the bus and she gave me some money even just $10. Hahah and we got off in Victoria Square and my mum's catching a bus while me, catching a tram. Luckily, I didn't need to wait such a long time for a tram and I got in a tram and I turned on my mp3 player and I entered my own world. In tram, there're heaps of people and I was just thinking they're looking at me. Duh, why the fuck you're looking at me?

I got off from the tram at West Terrace tram stop and I walked to school. When I just about to cross the road, I just fell off because I don't know why.. lol and I went to my locker and toilet and the bell rang and I went to my class for HG. It's fucken boring. I just sleepyy. After HG was finished, I went to my ESL class and I realised that I haven't done my homework yet and I thought I'm gonna be screwed but fortunately he asked for it though but he just said do it tonight and give it to me tomoz. I was like hahahahah. Then, I've got recess and I just realise that I've got PE lesson but I didn't bring my PE uniform. Huh.. So, at lunch time I borowwed from student services and when I just about to go to the gym " Gue ketemu sama anak yg gue sukai bgt. Hadeehhh mana papasan lgi. Hadeehhh deg2an peegg, yaowohh, ngguanteenngg seru peegg " PE lesson's going alright I played badminton without my shoes on because I forgot to bring it and after school was finished, I went to my locker first and after that in corridor " Gue ketemu ma dia lagi, cowok yg gue temuin waktu sebelumnya PE. Huhuhu, yaowooohhh bruntung bgt se gue nih yeee " and I caught a tram to Rundle Mall and I felt thirsty so I bought a cold drink. " Pas masuk ke tokonya nih yee, ketemu lge ma cowok yg gue bilang dritdi ntuuhh. Hooo. Dia malah ndelo'i.. Edaannn tmbh sungkan aku... " and I caught a bus and went home.

P.S.I'm really happy now, sort of, I don't know why but I think it's because ketemu tros ma yg namanya... Ga bleh sbut mrek duooonnnkkk..

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