Hey everyone.. Hahh, I just got back from school because I've got frees the last double lesson, so yeahh. Hahah, but before I went home, I went to Woolworths Rundle Mall to buy some shit that my mum asked me to buy. So, after that I went to the bus stop. when I was walking to the bus stop, some people just like looked at me like wtf she's doing here? Isn't she should be at school? Hahah it could be, but because I've got frees guise...

So, I got in the bus. On the bus, huh, I felt so hungry yea because I haven't eaten my recess yet and I left school at lunch so, I haven't got time for eating my lunch. On bus, I was listening to music and
bukane ngerasa kegeeren ato yak-apa getoo, tapi... Gimana yoo? Bingung ngomongnya. Pokoknya intinya inilah wajah gue wktu plang skolah tdi. Jelek kan yaa???

Trus, oiya kemaren valentine yaa.. Wes-wes-wes.. Gue mah ga prnah valentine2an. Nah emang siapa yg mau kasih bnga ato coklat. Wookkk :P Lagipula I'M TEW SWEET 4 VALENTINE

Lagian kemaren aku gag kemana2. Cuman dirumah aja, soalnya sekolah kan libur gara2 ada student free day. Terus katanya mama gue ntu di bis2 itu bnyk bgt org tua2 yang umurnya udah melebihi 60 ato 70-an geto kali ya, itu bnyk yg bwa bunga. Haduh romantesss bgt. Andaikan.. *opo wae yooo?*

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