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Heheheiii.. I'm posting again readers... So, yeah today is my first day of school after about two months of summer holiday. It's quite long holiday, isn't it? It's different with school system in my original country, Indonesia. There's no such a long long holiday in there. There's a holiday at least two weeks or three weeks and there's no summer holiday in Indonesiaand that's why Indonesian students are celever and smart. Hahahah lol. Okey back to my post. So, today I went to the bus stop near my house at 7.50 am. While I was walking to the bus stop, there's a bus walked pass me and I was running but unfortunately the bus wasn't waiting for me. Ah, that sucks and I waited for another bus for about 15 minutes or more. Huh, silly bus driver, lol. After I got on the bus I sat with an old woman, hahah always and I pressed the stop button and I got off from the bus and I walked along the pedestrian path to my school. ( Actually I could catch the bus from my house and stop in the city and then catch another bus to my school, but I ceebs to do that and that takes a bit of time though so, I chose to get off from the bus somewhere and then walk to school because that takes a bit of time as well but less than if I have to catch another bus to my school )

Okey back to my story, I was walking along the pedestrian path as I said before and at first I didn't see any students from my school. I was a bit worried because I was worried if school wasn't start today. Fortunately, I saw some students that got off from the bus. Hahah, yeeii and I arrived at my school at about 8.30 and the bell rings at 8.40. So, I got some time before the bell ring. So, I went to toilet to just look at the mirror how was my face look like. Hahahah. I'm a girl. Lol and I felt like I needed to take a pee or whatever because I couldn't hold it anymore. Hahah lol. After that, I went to student services because I got something to ask and when I finished asking I was looking for my friends but I couldn't find them. Huh and the bell rang. Actually when the bell rang, I had no idea where to go and I saw one of my friend and I asked where are we going now? And she said she didn't know as well and I was like oh gosh and I saw the other year 11 students, they all went to the hall. So, I was thinking that there's an assembly and yeah that's right, there's a senior assembly and in front of the hall, there's a board that says what class you go and my class is in SB95. Honestly I fucking hate that homegroup but I'm gonna get used to it.

Senior Assembly

It was boriiiing. While I was listening to the teachers, I heard some noises from a mobile phone. It's like a tv or video or music or something like that. I was worried if that sounds came from my mobile phone but I remembered that I already locked my mobile phone, it's impossible for my mobile phone to make some sounds.

After the assembly was finished, I went straight away to my homegroup, room 95 but I couldn't find where's the room 95. So, I looked for it with my friends and we found it. I was boreeeddd in class.

And my new teacher, Ms. Mahmodi gave me the lock for my locker and she showed me the combination and I tried to my lock and it didn't match. I tried it again and again but still I couldn't open the lock so I went to student service and I asked for it and she gave me the new combination. So, the combination that my teacher gave me was wrong. Huhuuh and that's why I came late to the class. In class, again I was bored and I slept on the desk. Huh, and the recess bell was rung and I went out with my friends to the oval and we sat there for a couple of minutes and I went to library for ID card photo taking.

And after that I did the stupidest thing that I have done. So, I got my timetable and looked what I have for leason 4 and 5. I saw I had maths in room 8, but there's a year 8 students in there. I was like are you serious? So, I went to the front office to ask for it. And she said no, you have computer art lesson for lesson 4 and 5. It's tuesday, remember. And I was like laughing so hard and yeah I just remembered that I saw the wrong day. Huh, silly me. Hahah and I came late to my class, fortunately the teacher didn't ask me why i was late.

Computer Art was finished and I went to library and I met my friend and we went to the oval. After that, I went to the hall to the assembly again. It's like a psicology section. It was boring and beside me there's an asian girl she's like sleepy and she was slleping and I was laughing so hard because the way she's sleeping is funnyyy. Hahah and after that I went home. Hahah. So, overall today was great. Byee readers.

P.S. I saw someone after two months didn't see him at all. Hahahah :*

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