30 Days Challenge - Day01


  • Day 01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
  • 15 Interesting (Well, I guess) facts about me : 1. I am a girl. It's still a fact. :D 2. I love eating. 3. I hate vegetables. 4. I hate waiting but I'm still waiting for someone (♥). 5. I love my family the most. 6. I'm kinda lazy to wake up in the morning. 7. When I have homework or assignment that due tomorrow, I usually do it the day before. 8. I kinda love and hate the colour of my natural skin. 9. I love listening to music even I fell sleepy already. 10. Be online on the internet for like all day long without sleep. 11. One of my front teeth is broken since 2005 or I call it sigar. 12. I am a bit short. :/ 13. My skin is allergic to something that I haven't known about. 14. I love maths, art and anything that design something. 15. I get bored easily. I think it's enough for the day 01. Byee :D

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