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Hei people.. I just got back from MY LOVELY SCHOOL. I love my school pretty much. Hahah.. :D Anyway, I am so tired, I just need some days off maybe to go to somewhere like PARIS. Do you all guys know, that I really love PARIS. I want to go to PARIS with my family and especially the ones who love me and we go to Eiffel Tower and that would be soo romantic moment. Hahaha.. :D I have such a pretty insane imagination. Hahahah :D yeah I call it as insane because I don't really have money to get there. I just imagine how much will it cost me to go there, like how much the flight ticket would be for one person. Ouch, that would be soo expensive. :/

This is it. Eiffel tower what I really love. I want spend all the times in Eiffel. Hahahah :D Anyway, yous all guys, if you got time and MONEY, go to Eiffel. Just saying. :)

Anyway, I reckon, I always post something about how tired I am being a student and how tired I am because of loads of assignments. Hahah :D but you have to get used to it because that is my life. Full of some works that need to done (?) Anyway, when I was on the bus, I saw a couple of poeple with their boyfriend or girlfriend. I just felt like, huh. Hahah :D and I saw two girls from the same school because they're all wearing the same kind of uniform. I'm not gonna say what's their school is because that's gonna be sooo (?) I don't know. Anyway, I saw them like hugging like they're a couple like a boyfriend and girlfriend. I was like.. Oooohh?? Really? Well actually the school that they're going to is a special school just for GIRLS. What I was thinking was, is is because of their environment, they become like 'what I just saw'? Well it doesn't really because of their environment, they should have coped with their environment. Okey, that's enough from me to say about the right thing, right? :D and probably I'll be continuing on my 30 Days Challenge. Good byee :D

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