30 Days Challenge - Day05


  • Day 05 - A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
  • Heii people.. I'm promising you on my post before that I'll be continuing my 30Days Challenge Day 05. Well, I'm so sorry because of not writing this because I was just kinda lazy, I ceebs to do that. Anyway, continue to my post. I'll be telling you where I've been to in that picture below.

    This photo of mine was when I was on Granite Island Kaiki. It is in Victor Harbour maybe 1 hour driving from Adelaide-South Australia. This place is like a (?) I don't really know what it is but there's lots of good stone, and also there's a penguin but you have to pay to see the penguins. Oh and also if you wanna go to that place, prepare to wear your sneaker instead of your high heels. Right ;) Hahahah :D

    Now Watching - Scorpion Island on channel 2

    Shit is going on now :S

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