Hei people....
Long time no see aye... Heheheh anyway probably I'm not gonna post something again because it's been two days my internet connection's being gay and now even I can't access anything at all and now I'm using a mobile phone to post this. Anyway this morning was raining till even when I got home. Huh and when I was about to cross the road near my school, GUE KECIPRATAN AIR KOLAM YANG DIJALAN ITU LHO. Gilaaaa.... Woi kalo ngendarain mobil pelan aja donkkkk ga usah pake ngebut segala jadinya basah kan gueee!!! Udah deh kayaknya gitu aja males banget ngetik pake hape.. Ga bisa cepet... Udah deh daaa people... :D

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