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My photo above is my face. Hahah when I just modified my necklace into a crap and I put a ring on it. It's ****, I reckon. :/

Hai readersss.... Long time no see aye.. Yeahhh, I haven't been posting in my blog for about like two weeks or so, I don't know. I can't remember how long was it. Finally, my internet connection is back. So, this morning there's a technician came to my house and he fixed it. He said like there's someone who disconnected the internet connection. Anyway.. I'm just kinda miss my blog. I wanna change my skin but I haven't found the good one for mine, just wait and see. Hahahah :D Oh and I wanna tell ya a bit about my maths teacher. He's freakin funny because the way he asked the students to be quiet is funny just make me lol. So, he always says like,"Can you give me a bit of SHHSSHHH... Thank You." I know it's not really funny if you read this post but if you hear this from his mouth you'll be like laughing so hard :D

P.S. School is a bit boring this week. Can't wait till weekend.

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