Hollaaa... So, um, today is the first day of semester 2 this year. Well, overall, it's not really bad. I loved it. I have Mr. Pettas in Maths Studies. He's reaaalllyyy funneeyyhhh. He always makes a joke of everything he sees. He's like the kewlest tacher I've ever had in my lyf. Hohoho... and today I had my first lesson of Reserach Project. So, the research project is the compulsory subject and you have to do this and you can't fail. Ouch... My teacher, Ms. Ralph just showed us the presentation to introduce us to this subject. Hopefully, I would pass this subject otherwise I MUST RE-DO-IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR. T.T

Well, it's already monday and for a few hours later it will come to tuesday which means the days when I'm gone to Indonesia is nearly come. Ooohhh.. I really can't wait.

P.S. I don't really like my new physics class :\

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