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Helllawww... Long time no see me posting yee? I've been really busy lately. There're so many things happening lately. Assignments, Mid-year Exams, and the other things as well. Belum lagi keberangkatanku ke Indonesia buat liburan yang semakin dekat saja. I AM REALLY EXCITEDDDDD, LIKE SERIOUSLY I AM. I can't wait till this event is really happening. Whoaaaa... I'll be like open my eyes all day long try not to fall asleep because I reckon, as we fall asleep, we lost so many things (?) *What am I talking about? Seriously.. ;D* Anyway, I'm gonna tell you something a bit funny I reckon.

Well, it's all started when my mum told my landlord that we'd gone overseas for like 3 weeks for a holiday and our landlord said, 2 weeks before we're going, we had to tell them because they wanted to "TITIP" something and a week ago, my mum texted her about what thing they wanted us to buy and the landlord texted my mum back and they said they wanted us to buy some hijabs like "KERUDUNG PARIS" and after all of that, my mum told me that they wanted us to find ( Aku lupa di sms nya itu dia bilang apa, dan mamaku itu ternyata nggak begitu ngerti ). After that, my mum texted them what do you mean by that thing ( Udah aku beritau kan sebelumnya tadi ) annnddd our landlord texted my mum back " I meant, I want you to find my son a moslem girl because my son wants to get married soon ". After all of that, my mum told me, my dad, and my lil brotha and we're all like WHAT DAA SHIT IS GOIN' ON THEIR MINDS??. I was like, LO PIKIR MAK GUE BIRO JODOH? HAAAHHH?. I swear, nggak abis pikir ada orang ngomong kayak gitu beeuuhhhh -_- Hahahah :D

Anyway, that's just one of the jokes that happening today oh and last friday was the last day of t mid-year exam. I was exhausted of doing all of those exams even I just did 4 exams but still, I found it really hard to do and I reckon, I did well but not really well though ._. but yeahhh I hope I get at least a B.

P.S. Next monday is the start of the semester 2, I kinda lazy of facing semester 2, because I think, it's gonna be hell hard _o_

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