rupiah vs dollar XD


Hulllaaaa.... Have no idea what title should I put for this post. Well, today is friday and today is the last day for ME to go to school. The other students in my school still have one week left for school. Hahahahaha XD *devil laugh* What I feel right now is totally EXCITED... I still can't believe that I'm going to Indonesia on SUNDAAAYYYYY. What a great moment, I reckon but the bad news is on sunday, I have to, well actually is A MUST. I must wake up EARLY because my flight is about 9am, I reckon. So, I gotta be at the airport like one or two hours before 9am. What a CRAP, rite? If it is calculated, I have to be ready to go at 7am _o_ Oucchhh not a good start aye, but that's fine for me. TOTALLY FINE actually.

Research Project is stiil going on. It's been a week since I firstly started this subject and I finally got a topic after all of that confusion happening last night. I was asking my mum what topic should I take but it ended up arguing with my mum and as a result of that I didn't talk any to my mum last night .__. It feels kinda awkward actually but I talked to her this morning about my topic that I've got in the middle of the night.

Anyway, I've been looking the cupboard inside my room lately and lucky me I found rupiahs money. Well, even it just 1000, 5000, it still money rite. the good news is my mum promosed me that she's gonna give me some RUPIAHS money to spend during my EXCITING HOLIDAY. Boo-Yeaahh XD And I'm not forcing myself to change my dollars money into rupiahs money. Naaahhh, I wouldn't do it anyway hhehehe :D and that's all for me now. Cheers :))

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