Friday - special edited pictures ^^


Haaii evelibadiii :) Senang banget saya bisa online dan menulis post yang berikut ini.. #eaaa :3

Anyway, this week I kinda tired of everything. Yeah, I knew my physics test result and it was behind of good and it was worse as you all can imagine. I'm so stressed.. The teacher.. Hhh -_- I hate him, seriously I DO. His teaching technique is just not good. I have no idea why my school keep applying the bad teacher. Whoaaa... Pardon my writing hey :)) Buutttt, I am bloody happy with my maths test results. So I've done two tests already and all of them were pretty good. The first test I forgot what I've got but it was a B and the second test I was pretty excited about it because it was about logarithm which I have learnt a lot when I was in Indonesia. I've got 65/67 which is obviously an AAAAAA. Hhhahaha :D You can't imagine how happy I was at that timeee :D

So, yeaahh.. Now I'm writing this post and was thinking to post my bloody images because I kinda feel like doing photoshopping right now. Here it is...

Hoooyeaahhh :3

Oiya, jadi kan saya udah bilang kalo saya saat ini lagi pengin-penginnya ngedit foto, daann muncullah ide yang menurut saya BIASA AJA. Jadi gini lo, kalo yang punya laptop atau komputer windows, pasti ada kan 4 gambar yang gambarnya ada sunset, water lilies, blue hills, sama winter itu kaannn? Naahh entah kenapa muncul ide untuk mengedit foto tersebut soalnya saya BOREEDD. Oke, jadi inilah gambar-gambarnya setelah saya edit.

Gimana? Ngga bagus yee? -_- Yaudahlahhh.. Ikhlas aja kan masih bulan Ramadhann :3

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