Sunday (30/10) pt I

Dear my lovely blog... *bingung mau ngomong apa*

Saya cuman mau cerita, tentang pengalaman saya. Kalau bosen ya derita lo kalee xD Anyway, on sunday, I went out with my family after like two weeks or more never went out with them. I went to BEERENBERG *ga ngerti bener apa kaga itu tulisannya* , MELBA'S CHOCOLATE FACTORY, CLELAND WILDLIFE PARK, and MOUNT LOFTY SUMMIT or whatever it is called.

We picked some strawberries there. Before entering the farm, you have to pay $3 per adult and while picking you can only taste 1-2 strawberries and no more than two. After you finish picking, give the strawberries that you picked to the seller(?) and you have to pay around $9 per kilo. This is where the story begin.

Kalo misalnya nih ye, ada orang masuk dan dia ngambil banyak strawberry tapi semuanya dimakan ama dia dan dia keluar tidak membawa satu strawberry-pun dan dia untung gede dong, ya kaaannn? Jadi intinya, ya silahkan dilakukan, yang penting malaikat akan tetap mencatat #eaaaa

Strawberry Farm

Gerobak(?) Mihihihi ;;)

Tong kosong nyaring bunyinya xD

Ginger Beer

Jams and Honeys

Itu orang cina tatapannya berasa sinis gitu u.u

After that, going to Melba's Chocolate Factory. That was awesome. I was just wanted to buy any chocolates in there. It feels like I'm in Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. Buahahahaha xD The decoration is just number one. I like it. It fulls of the old things(?) or whatever you call it and bought almond chocolate, marshmallow(?), coklat bertabur(?) xD, and white chocolates. It tastes good :9

Old thingy -_-

Memiliki persamaan fungsi dengan karpet selamat datang atau patung selamat datang

Dicari, anjing hilang xD

Overall, I WOWED a alot :OOOOOO

(to be continued)... *berasa nonton cinta Fitri*

P.S. My 'S' on keyboard is sorta broken. I have to push it real hard   rrrrr -_-


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