Bad Habits


Bad habits. Pretty sure everyone has this even though there are lots or just a few. Well, I have lots of bad habits and I kinda can't get rid of it and one of them is saying bad words and I usually posted it through my social network that I have such as twitter. I know I'm pretty dumb. Last night, I was like really angry and tweeted some bad words.

Even after I tweeted something sweet (red square), I tweeted something bad straight away

Actually saying bad words is like a expression of our feelings and I think it is good for us heheheheh ;;) You know, something is good to be expressed than hidden here *pointed chest*, in our hearts. Oh god, look how incredible my saying is. I know I've been posting some posts with  some incredible sayings lately wakakakak xD That's because I'm just really an incredible person *becomes an angel* Oh and one more thing is I am gonna post everything in English now. Well, not really though, if there is something that I have to post in Indonesian, I will post it in Indonesian. Such a labile person -_- but posting in English looks KEWWWLLL ;;D

Anyway, yesterday my mum tagged me in a facebook post. She said she was enjoying her trip from Oslo (Solo) to Paris Van Java (Yogyakarta) with a Pramex train... You should try it...

I'm quite confused about what she posted because as I know PARIS VAN JAVA is Bandung instead of Yogyakarta. Such a labile mom -_- haha :D

Oh talking about facebook, I just knew that facebook now has timelline. I know, I'm sucha dumb geek right? -_- Well I think it is quite nice. For those who still don't know what that is, go to and so you wouldn't be called as a dumb geek like me, ok!! wkkwk ;p

This is my facebook profile after you got your timeline thingy

#NowPlaying Black Eyed Peas - The Time ( The Dirty Bit )

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