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I just feel like to use English this time because I just got a tag from my bloggie friend, Nabila and she asked me in english. That is why I use English :) It is the same tag game as I got last time but I'm still gonna do that because I'm just that KIND o:)

The rules are the same as last time but seriously, do I really need to tell 11 things about myself and make 11 questions for the other bloggers? The question is no. Well, I'm really sorry for breaking the rules but I'm still gonna answer the questions from Nabila tho.

1. Do you love to sing? Yes I love singing especially when I'm home alone. It just feels free without no one knowing how crap and shit my voice is -_-

2. What's the weirdest dream you ever had? The weirdest dream that I ever had was actually when my mum asked me to do a singing audition.

3. If you can choose your own soulmate, who do you want to marry with? I wanna marry that fictional character in Friends serial called Ross. He's awesome even though he's now too old for me <3

4. Who is/are your favorite singer(s)? Why? Well I don't have one particular favourite singer. It depends on the song that they have. If I like it, I will like them too.

5. Which one do you prefer, live in this earth but you cant talk or live in this earth but you dont have any hands? I prefer the first choice because I think it's just gonna be a REAL hard for me if I don't have any hands to do sucha really hard work.

6. Mentions who is/are your bestfriend(s)! My bestfriends are Vina, Anne, Sylvi, Eka, Gema, Usy, Lintang and so on deh :))

7. If we can move from Earth, which planet do you want to live in? Why? Does the planet has oxygen or gravitation? This question actually the tough ones because I don't really know about planets but I would love to move to Saturnus *eh bentar saturnus bhs inggrisnya apa?* because it's just a beautiful planet with that ring around it. I don't think this planet has neither oxygen and gravitation.

8. Your favorite book(s)? Don't have a particular ones :D

9. Have you ever....fainting? Have not and I'm really curious how does it feel

10. If in this Earth we only have coke (no mineral water), would you take a bath? Why? Well, probably not, what I will be focusing is how to invent the thing to produce water *eaaa

11. Do you love Spongebob? Are you envy with his cheeks which can blushing whenever he smiles? Yes I love him <3 Hahahah :D yeah I envy his smiles and not to mention, his teeth :B

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