30 Days Challenge - Day 18


Plans/dreams/goals you have

Well, if we are talking about plans/dreams/goals for our own life, I bet there are thousands of them for each of you and that is the same as I have. I have lots of dreams and I am gonna mention a bit to you all o:)

1. I wanna make my parents proud of me.
2. I wanna have a job that has a particular relation in computer and design and photography and still don't know what that job is :(
3. For a short term, I just want to finish high school with a good result and get a scholarship for my bachelor degree.
4. I secretly wanna work at Google hehe ;;) Like seriously I do!!
5. Lastly, I wanna collecting postcards because I just started to like it and I have a few now :D

And that's it a bit of my dreams that I have but those not all I still have billion dreams :D and I am pretty sure you're the same as I am but just too ceebs to mention it all here wqwq

Anyway, it's nearly christmas right? Eventhough I don't celebrate it, I still have an advantage of christmas tho. At christmas I always get that Christmas cake for free from the community. Well the cake is just the same as I got last year and the taste as well. It's actually a fruit cake.

Anyway, I did some random shots today because I didn't go anywhere this morning and not gonna go probably until night -_- I took some photos of the DVDs that I borowed from the library and my desk. Pretty radom, isn't it? Yes, it is actually REALLY random.

The DVDs that I borrowed. 3Ms and 6PGs :x   

That is the comic that I've been reading since yesterday

My desk. You know the desk of someone can describe how the personality of the owner and can you see how nearly-tidy my desk is ;;)

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