Mother's Day


Kasih ibu
Kepada beta
Tak terhingga sepanjang masa
Hanya memberi
Tak harap kembali
Bagai sang surya
Menyinari dunia

That was the song that my kindergarten teacher used to teach me when I was in kindy to know how important my mum is. Well, I think, she is sucha wonder woman for me. She gave birth to me and she is raising me until I am this big together with my dad and she never asked for anything. Seriously, that is just something and you know what I have never gave her any precious presents in her birthday or in mother's day because I think, all of the presents that I gave her were not gonna last forever. The ones that is gonna last forever is the love I am giving her since I was a kid until now. That is gonna lasts forever even until I married <3 Hahaha :D

That is my mum and I taken few months ago
Just realised how beautiful is she compared to my crappy shitty face 
Anyway, since my mum is not in here with me and the rest of the family until the beginning of March next year, I decided not gonna buy her anything hehe ;;) but I still made her something tho. Y all know, something that made from our hands is more SOMETHING than something you buy somewhere, right? ;;) I made her a gif image and I sent it via facebook. Oh yeah, I am just realised how important facebook is and briefly, in this mother's day I just want to say,


Well, I know that I post this not in a right time, I mean everyone already posted about Mother's Day while I now just have a chance to make a post and post it. I've been just really busy with other things going on and I called it as jalan jalan wqwq. Today had a chance to go out. Well actually I was meant to just return some items to the library but you know the feeling you get when there is a huge sale and you don't buy anything so I went out for walk for a bit and took few photos of town. It was really hot by the way.

The crossroad in Victoria Square. I was just sitting down on the bench under the tree, it was really relaxing ;;D 

That is that huge christmas tree that always been there once a year 

That is the phone charm. It is so cute :3

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