Boxing Day '11


Boxing day may be one of the day that I am really looking forward after the ieds and my birthday. It is simply because I could go shopping some interesting things with a lot cheaper prices, but what I found out today was just the opposite. There were lots of shops closed. It is really disappointing.

I started this day by waking up late as usual because it is holiday and no one wants to see me around 8 o'clock in the morning hahahahah ;D Actually I wasn't really keen because I just went with my brotha without my dad. It would be so interesting if my dad and my mum could come with us. Then we went to the bus stop at 11. After waiting for like 15 minutes, something called to go back to my house. Well, it's pretty embarassing to tell it here but that's fine for me. The reason why I went back is because I wanted to poo -_- Well, it's a natural called and no one can hold it any longer wqwqwq ;;p Then, we decided to just catch a tram to go to city. At the tram station, my boredom killed me!!! Seriously, I hate WAITING and so I just took some pictures to kill my boredom. I know I am not a good photographer and I took some dumb photos but so what? You mad? I'll kill you right now :D

Just bunch of branches of a tree
That's just my mystic face in black and white ;;) Nah, joking, that is just a photo looks mystic because the wind just blew my hair that way -_- It's a really windy day

My only brother :D

My alay editing just not wanting to show off my real laugh on that photo -_-
Then got on the tram and caught a bus to Harbour Town. On the bus, saw a pretty cute face :3 hahaha :D Anyway, I was bringing my camera actually to take some pictures of how many people of Adelaide that were in Harbour Town because I knew that the other shopping places were closed today, but I wasn't even remember that. What I was remembering was just buying some stuff. All girls do that ;) Well after spending like 2 hours and more I just got TWO items!!! Really disappointed :( I just couldn't find something that wowed me. Just bought a canvas shoes from Rubi for just $10 and a top from Valleygirl for just $5 and the total is just $15, but my brother, he even spent more than me even though he just bought a game and a cap and both of those two, I think were just a bit expensive even it's reduced already -_-

Then, went to city to catch the bus to home and the funny thing is that my bus to home was like jumping up and down and so all of the passengers just like jumping on a trampoline while sitting all the time. Couldn't stop laughing ::DDDDD

A bit blurry as a result of the 'jumping' bus ;p

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