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I've been really stressed out lately and there were no reasons for being stressed. I'm just stressed full stop. Anyway, I don't know what I should type in this post because I'm just that awesome -_- School starts on 30 January and I'm not ready for it. *you know kan gimana rasanya liburan panjang dan tiba tiba udah mau masuk sekolah aja* :"

Now I'm stuck again on what to type in this post. God, my brain is just starting to melt because I spent my holiday by doing something that is unimportant, such as bla bla bla and bla bla bla. Seriously, this post is the most random post that I have ever written. Anyway, this year, my brother will be in the same school as I am. He looked quite interested in becoming a highschooler -_- He just does not know how much works that he is gonna get in highschool. Oh god, I'm already tired being a highschooler, just wanna go to uni :) Well actually uni is also not as fun as I have been thinking. Well, yeah, that's life. I mean, when we're in primary school, we want to go to highschool asap and once we're in highschool, we want to graduate soon and go to uni and once we already in uni, we want to go back to primary school or kindergarten. -_- Well yeah some people think that way including me :D 

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