R for random


I have been really lazy this week considering that I just have one exam and I've done that already but I'm just worried if I failed that exam and design assignments. I have to finish it by the end of this week (friday) and I haven't even half finished those :( YR12 TOUGH!

Today went to school to give my assignment to a teacher and went home straight away after that because I was just sooooooooo hungry. I was just wanted to get home really quick and eat some curry with rice. I have been really strict with money these days.

On the bus-otw home, I was really bored and so I decided to record a random video of me. Quite boring actually but I just love the music :p And so I recorded it using my phone so, sorry for the bad resolution ;)

Anyway, here I am, still blogging and not doing any homework because I am one lazy geek.
Yeah, again! Doing idiots pose :))

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