Melbourne Trip #1 (15/07/12)


It's been a long time I think since my latest post. Yap, I've been really busy ;) Anyway, last week on Sunday, 15th July, My family and I decided to take on a trip to Melbourne. I was super excited about it because that was my first time to actually went to another big city in Australia :s Our flight was at 7.20am.

My flight ticket :)

It wasn't that cold when we arrived in Melbourne because I always thought Melbourne is colder than Adelaide. Well, I was wrong. Well, no! I wasn't wrong, the one that was wrong is the people on the weather news.

Then we caught a taxi and went to the hotel that we booked in. What I love about Melbourne so far was that the fact that the taxis are yellow just like in America. You don't know how I always wish to be in a car and seeing some yellow taxis in a really surrounded city :3 That's such a silly wish, I reckon :D

Yellow taxi :D *excited

After arrived in the hotel, we actually were not be able to check in yet because it was still pretty early so we decided to leave the heavy luggage at the hotel front desk and went around the city with my heavy handbag :s It was killing me when I had to went around the city like that. After walking like 15 minutes, I had to use my other hand to carry the bag however I was had such a great day :)

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station

Free City Circle Tram. So old :D

Melbourne Bikes. We have to pay though :|

Yap, that's me. I'm so in love with that knit right now <3 and that batik handbag that I carry on my right hand, that was amazingly heavy :s

The SBS building. Loving the building architecture <3

At Queen Victoria Market. There was so many cheap stuff but didn't buy anything due to the heavy backpack and handbag that we were carrying :/ Oh wait, we bought something! It was some Melbourne t-shirts.

On the way to the hotel because it's time for us to check in at the hotel and found this window display in one of the camera shops. I love them all <3

And a bit of "craziness" on the lift. 

Then after checked in we actually just put some stuff away from our bags and continued to walk around the city again.

The not-free tram

The highest building in the city! It is Eureka Skydeck. We went there on Tuesday though :D

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