Melbourne Trip #2 (16/07/12) - Mt Buller


Look so big and muscly

The sequence of me falling retardadly

with mom<3

So enjoying the snow

Starting to feel numb around my fingers

The second day of my trip to Melbourne, my family and I decided to go to Mt Buller. We had to go really early in the morning because the bus that we were travelling on is picked us up at around 6am. There are a couple of groups that on the same bus as us and there was one cute korean guy that I had a crush with <3

It took like 3 hours from the CBD to the mountain and before that we had to go to Mansfield to rent the pants the boots and two tobogaans. If you're just wearing ordinary pants and boots, you'll definitely get wet because of the snow.

From Mansfield to the mountain, the road became crazy and I went super dizzy and.... I vomitted :I Ugh!!!

Other than that, it was a phenomenal day and this was my first time too touching snows. It was actually not that cold except if you touch the ice with bare hands. That will sudden;ly make your fingers numb :I

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