Melbourne Trip #3


A little bit of photoshopping ;)

It actually looks so good

My dad looks like he's been telepating from somewhere

Photobooth session was the funniest :3

Only costs $15, $5 each

So, this was the last day and we woke pretty late and went around 10am and looked for some place to have breakfast. Then walked to the art and exhibition building because the building just too damn good and we saw that on tv. Next to that, there is a Melbourne Museum and to be honest, that is the best museum that I have ever been to. We just paid $10 because student and child is free entry. At night went to the skydeck. It was the highest building. It is up to 88th floor and I was up there. The view was so good and that was the end of the night and the trip. The next day we went back to Adelaide :(

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