Sydney Trip - Day 2

Public Library of New South Wales

Here it is the photos of "Day 2". First thing in the morning, we went to the Opera House but actually before that, in the hotel room, the alarm went off that was quite shocking because it went off at 8am and I still dreaming. Anyway, we went walking from the hotel. 


Sydney Harbour Bridge

For quite a while we were there, then we decided to go to some kind of seaworld *forgot the name. It was located in Darling Harbour if I'm not mistaken.

The left photo is just ^^

I really like both of these photos. Left ones is jellyfish and right ones is octopus

Anyway, I already got my graduation certificate on friday since my school doesn't do formal graduation thingy and tomorrow the SACE result is going to come out *so nervous :( Well, wish me luck ^^


Sydney Trip - Day 1

The view of Adelaide from the plane


People are in line for getting on the bus

And some of my photos from Madame Tussauds x)

So, as I said on my previous post before about my Sydney trip and yes I went to Sydney for four days with my family. First landed in Sydney, the first thing that I noticed is the airport is so much bigger than Adelaide's airport *obviously ;) There were a lot of tourists from other countries as well because it is December and it is summer in Australia. Anyway, first thing first, checked in at the hotel and went straight to the Paddys Market by taxi and OMG, the traffic was just crazy and after that decided to go to Madame Tussauds.

Anyway, Sydney is a big city and it actually took a while to get to the museum and the streets in Sydney is sometimes going up and sometimes down. Well to sum it up, the first day was a nightmare for my feet but I had a great day anyway.


Cherry picking in Lenswood

Like this candid shot of me for no reason.

Well, it's December already and the result of my yr 12 subjects will be out soon which I am not quite prepared yet because I'm just scared and worried. Anyway, having a long holiday is suck. I've nearly done everything on my everything-i-must-do-on-holiday-list and last couple of days I just stayed at home and did nothing productive, but fortunately my family decided to go on cherry picking which I've never done before and I never like cherries but it turned out cherries are good.

Then went to Hahndorf to get some lunch and we're getting Japanese Bento -_- Going to a German town but getting a Japanese food instead. Anyway, while I was eating, I was thinking about why Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) are slim. I was eating with chopsticks and yes I was having difficulties eating rice with chopsticks. I've never liked eating with chopsticks, I always ask for spoon or fork. We can't really put much rice on the chopsticks, so that is why Asian people are slim (?) *whatthehellamItalkingabout -_-