Cherry picking in Lenswood


Like this candid shot of me for no reason.

Well, it's December already and the result of my yr 12 subjects will be out soon which I am not quite prepared yet because I'm just scared and worried. Anyway, having a long holiday is suck. I've nearly done everything on my everything-i-must-do-on-holiday-list and last couple of days I just stayed at home and did nothing productive, but fortunately my family decided to go on cherry picking which I've never done before and I never like cherries but it turned out cherries are good.

Then went to Hahndorf to get some lunch and we're getting Japanese Bento -_- Going to a German town but getting a Japanese food instead. Anyway, while I was eating, I was thinking about why Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) are slim. I was eating with chopsticks and yes I was having difficulties eating rice with chopsticks. I've never liked eating with chopsticks, I always ask for spoon or fork. We can't really put much rice on the chopsticks, so that is why Asian people are slim (?) *whatthehellamItalkingabout -_-

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