you're driving me nuts


I've been on facebook lately and I always see your name appears online. I'm like ohmygod. I wanna talk to you but I'm just too shy. Hihihihi... I was just wondering if you've already had a girlfriend or not. If so, congartulation but if not, well I don't know. Hahah. Oh my god, I've been so romantic lately because I keep on watching romantic movie. As I said on my post days ago, I wish I had a boyfriend. Huhuhu T.T

Oh and I read on of my friends status on facebook. She said like most of guys if they know that the girl that they love already had a boyfriend, they will look for another girl, but most of girls, if they know that the guy that they love already had a girlfriend, they will wait.

When I was read that, I was like, oh gosh, it's true, absolutely true. Just like me? Heheh. Huh. I've been waiting more than 3 years. Hahah.. THREE YEARS. Pretty long, isn't it? Heheh, because I know that he's what I'm looking for. He's like my futuristic lover ( Copied from Katy Perry's song - E.T ). Whahaha, but because of that, now I'm trying to forget all about you. I know you'll never realize that I love you, well maybe you do but you don't want me to love you. Huhuhu..

but that's alright. Jodoh itu ditangan tuhan. Nanti pasti kita akan bertemu siapa yang tepat buat kita. Pokoknya selama belum ada janur kuning, semuanya masih bisa terjadi kok.

Thanks for reading this. I know, he won't read this. Kekekek XD

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