Being Serious


The rich people are mean and the poor people are kind.

Well that's the quote that I've often heard when I was little but now I'm not little any more. I can think of what I have to think. I think the quote that I've just written above is absolutely load of bullshit, but well no.. I am wrong. Actually I'm not absolutely wrong. In fact, some of rich people are mean and some of them are kind.

I have some rich friends. Well actually, I don't really like to call them rich because we're all just same. We are person and we eat rice and we will die but in fact, they seriously rich. They can have anything they want just in a short time. I am not trying to be jealous or anything, seriously I am not.

Anyway, the point of this post though is I am just wondering why there is a rich people that can do a really bad thing to poor people or just a standard people like me, because yeah I've met someone. I hate *** so much. Few days ago, I met ***. Oooh actually I've seen *** before somewhere and for the first time I saw ***, I thought ***'s kind but in fact when we met few days ago. Bah!! ***'s absolutely acting like ***'s the real shit. *** doesn't have any politeness of meeting people. ***'s fuckin' rude to people. ***'s talk too much and when I talked to ***, *** mouth is surrounded by loads of bullshit. ***'s like the people who never get education. ***'s such a dickhead.

Now, I am relieved because I wrote it here because I couldn't talk to anyone. Hhhaha :D

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