Eiffel Tower picture from Wikipedia
Lady Gaga picture from Wikipedia
Postcards picture from Google Images
The rest, I made it myself :)

Sorry for the wrong 'peace sign', just realised it after I published it and too ceebs to change it. Hhahahahahha :D

2011 is gonna end soon. I am serisously can not wait for that. I don't know why, but I am just got excited for facing 2012 hahahahah :D I also made a wishlist as you can see above for 2012.

1. I really wanna see eiffel tower for real, but I don't think that is gonna be happening next year though but that's fine for me
2. Peace everywhere. No fight and no war. I am pretty sure that is what this world needs right now o:)
3. Being skinny. Can not explain this point :|
4. Being smart as Einstein :3 Well, not really like Einstein though because it is gonna be HARD, just being smart as my brain could do. Being smart as Einstein would be so much exciting though -_-
5. Get a new mobile phone :))
6. Seeing rainbow when I'm alone *eaaa <<== being melancholic all of a sudden
7. Be a good daughter for my parents. Amen :)
8. Collecting some more postcards as I already posted before, don't know when ;))
9. No more "PENEBANGAN HUTAN SEMBARANGAN!!!!!" Let those trees grow as it should be o:D
10. Meeting my idol, LADY GAGA!!!! *not sure about this (again)
11. Get a KTP... *silence
Well, actually I still have thousands of wishlists but just couldn't put all of them here :P And even it is still few more minutes from 2012, I just wanna say,



It's been like forever I haven't posted in my blog. Well, I am now just wanting to post about how I lost yesterday -_- Udahlah, lagi male gini pake bahasa inggris, lagi nggak mood >:( Anyway, kemaren gue awali dengan ke kantor pos buat ambil barang terus lanjut ke city naik sepeda. Awalnya sih cuman mau ke city buat pinjem komik terus shopping gitu, tapi pas nyampe city entah kenapa pikiran gue mengatakan buat, jalan jalan naik sepeda gitu ke Torrens River. Torrens River itu semacam kayak sungai gitu terus disekitarnya banyak semacam hutan kecil dan lapangan lapangan gede gitu dan akhirnya pun gue memutuskan untuk ke sana sekalian exercise gitu soalnya ini badan udah lama banget nggak pernah dibuat olahraga. Sesamainya di sana, dan gue udah puas ngeliatin pemandangan, gue pengin balik lagi ke city. Bodohnya, gue nggak hafal jalan keluarnya. Akhirnya gue sotoy sotoyan aja milih jalan sesukanya sampai akhirnya gue udah mulai capek dan gue nggak nyampek nyampek. Di sana gue panik berat. Coba buka gps lewat hp eh ternyata pulsa internet nggak cukup. Beehhh, gini nih -_-

Akhirnya gue coba buat muter lagi nyari jalan keluar dan apa yang gue dapet? Gue malah muter muter nggak jelas dan kembali ke tempat yang sama 2 kali. Anjrit gue di sini panik banget. Mana haus, nggak bawa minum pula. Mau tanya, eh kagak ada orang sama sekali. Itu sumpah kayak gue berada di tengah tengah hutan belantara *eaaa
Tapi alhamdulillah, akhirnya gue menemukan sebuah tanda kalo city itu ke arah sana dan jaraknya 1.5km lagi. Sampai di situ gue lega bukan main, dan ternyata gue muter muter kesasar tadi itu lamanya selama kurang lebih sejam-an.

Habis gitu gue pinjem buku ke library dan gue beli minuman isotonik sebotol dan itu pun langsung abis. Terus gue lanjut shopping ke Rundle Mall dan gue ke Sportsgirl abis gitu beli minuman isotonik yang sama (lagi), dan itupun langsung abis dan karena masih capek, gue pun memutuskan buat tiduran di bawah pohon di Victoria Square sampe jam 3 terus gue pulang. Sampe rumah, gue laper setengah mati dan kaki gue pegelnya bukan main. Malemnya, nggak mood buat ngapa ngapain soalnya yaa taulah yaa, kaki yang udah lama nggak dipake olahraga terus tiba tiba dipake buat sepedaan dengan jarak yang gila banget. Nggak lagi deh gue sotoy sotoyan pake sok sok an ngerti jalan :(

These kind of shoes really not suitable when you are cycling long distances -_-

What I bought from Sportsgirl, skull ring :D

The peace ring :)
One set of bracelets :D

P.S. Terbawa oleh kebiasaan -_-


Boxing Day '11

Boxing day may be one of the day that I am really looking forward after the ieds and my birthday. It is simply because I could go shopping some interesting things with a lot cheaper prices, but what I found out today was just the opposite. There were lots of shops closed. It is really disappointing.

I started this day by waking up late as usual because it is holiday and no one wants to see me around 8 o'clock in the morning hahahahah ;D Actually I wasn't really keen because I just went with my brotha without my dad. It would be so interesting if my dad and my mum could come with us. Then we went to the bus stop at 11. After waiting for like 15 minutes, something called to go back to my house. Well, it's pretty embarassing to tell it here but that's fine for me. The reason why I went back is because I wanted to poo -_- Well, it's a natural called and no one can hold it any longer wqwqwq ;;p Then, we decided to just catch a tram to go to city. At the tram station, my boredom killed me!!! Seriously, I hate WAITING and so I just took some pictures to kill my boredom. I know I am not a good photographer and I took some dumb photos but so what? You mad? I'll kill you right now :D

Just bunch of branches of a tree
That's just my mystic face in black and white ;;) Nah, joking, that is just a photo looks mystic because the wind just blew my hair that way -_- It's a really windy day

My only brother :D

My alay editing just not wanting to show off my real laugh on that photo -_-
Then got on the tram and caught a bus to Harbour Town. On the bus, saw a pretty cute face :3 hahaha :D Anyway, I was bringing my camera actually to take some pictures of how many people of Adelaide that were in Harbour Town because I knew that the other shopping places were closed today, but I wasn't even remember that. What I was remembering was just buying some stuff. All girls do that ;) Well after spending like 2 hours and more I just got TWO items!!! Really disappointed :( I just couldn't find something that wowed me. Just bought a canvas shoes from Rubi for just $10 and a top from Valleygirl for just $5 and the total is just $15, but my brother, he even spent more than me even though he just bought a game and a cap and both of those two, I think were just a bit expensive even it's reduced already -_-

Then, went to city to catch the bus to home and the funny thing is that my bus to home was like jumping up and down and so all of the passengers just like jumping on a trampoline while sitting all the time. Couldn't stop laughing ::DDDDD

A bit blurry as a result of the 'jumping' bus ;p


30 Days Challenge - Day 19

Nicknames you have and why do you have them

This topic really reminds me of how I acted dumb during year when I was in year 9. That year was incredibly awesome during my years in middle school. There were those year seveners and I liked one of them and I was like really crazy about him. It was actually not what I called as 'like' in love terms but it was more like adore and so I was just being papparazi and since then my friends called me as 'tante girang'. Like seriously? that nickname is really even worst than monkey haha :D

Anyway, today is christmas!!! I just want to say...

Merry Christmas,

for those people who are celebrating it. Hope you had a good one <3


Bad Habits

Bad habits. Pretty sure everyone has this even though there are lots or just a few. Well, I have lots of bad habits and I kinda can't get rid of it and one of them is saying bad words and I usually posted it through my social network that I have such as twitter. I know I'm pretty dumb. Last night, I was like really angry and tweeted some bad words.

Even after I tweeted something sweet (red square), I tweeted something bad straight away

Actually saying bad words is like a expression of our feelings and I think it is good for us heheheheh ;;) You know, something is good to be expressed than hidden here *pointed chest*, in our hearts. Oh god, look how incredible my saying is. I know I've been posting some posts with  some incredible sayings lately wakakakak xD That's because I'm just really an incredible person *becomes an angel* Oh and one more thing is I am gonna post everything in English now. Well, not really though, if there is something that I have to post in Indonesian, I will post it in Indonesian. Such a labile person -_- but posting in English looks KEWWWLLL ;;D

Anyway, yesterday my mum tagged me in a facebook post. She said she was enjoying her trip from Oslo (Solo) to Paris Van Java (Yogyakarta) with a Pramex train... You should try it...

I'm quite confused about what she posted because as I know PARIS VAN JAVA is Bandung instead of Yogyakarta. Such a labile mom -_- haha :D

Oh talking about facebook, I just knew that facebook now has timelline. I know, I'm sucha dumb geek right? -_- Well I think it is quite nice. For those who still don't know what that is, go to http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline and so you wouldn't be called as a dumb geek like me, ok!! wkkwk ;p

This is my facebook profile after you got your timeline thingy

#NowPlaying Black Eyed Peas - The Time ( The Dirty Bit )


Got a tag

I just feel like to use English this time because I just got a tag from my bloggie friend, Nabila and she asked me in english. That is why I use English :) It is the same tag game as I got last time but I'm still gonna do that because I'm just that KIND o:)

The rules are the same as last time but seriously, do I really need to tell 11 things about myself and make 11 questions for the other bloggers? The question is no. Well, I'm really sorry for breaking the rules but I'm still gonna answer the questions from Nabila tho.

1. Do you love to sing? Yes I love singing especially when I'm home alone. It just feels free without no one knowing how crap and shit my voice is -_-

2. What's the weirdest dream you ever had? The weirdest dream that I ever had was actually when my mum asked me to do a singing audition.

3. If you can choose your own soulmate, who do you want to marry with? I wanna marry that fictional character in Friends serial called Ross. He's awesome even though he's now too old for me <3

4. Who is/are your favorite singer(s)? Why? Well I don't have one particular favourite singer. It depends on the song that they have. If I like it, I will like them too.

5. Which one do you prefer, live in this earth but you cant talk or live in this earth but you dont have any hands? I prefer the first choice because I think it's just gonna be a REAL hard for me if I don't have any hands to do sucha really hard work.

6. Mentions who is/are your bestfriend(s)! My bestfriends are Vina, Anne, Sylvi, Eka, Gema, Usy, Lintang and so on deh :))

7. If we can move from Earth, which planet do you want to live in? Why? Does the planet has oxygen or gravitation? This question actually the tough ones because I don't really know about planets but I would love to move to Saturnus *eh bentar saturnus bhs inggrisnya apa?* because it's just a beautiful planet with that ring around it. I don't think this planet has neither oxygen and gravitation.

8. Your favorite book(s)? Don't have a particular ones :D

9. Have you ever....fainting? Have not and I'm really curious how does it feel

10. If in this Earth we only have coke (no mineral water), would you take a bath? Why? Well, probably not, what I will be focusing is how to invent the thing to produce water *eaaa

11. Do you love Spongebob? Are you envy with his cheeks which can blushing whenever he smiles? Yes I love him <3 Hahahah :D yeah I envy his smiles and not to mention, his teeth :B

30 Days Challenge - Day 18

Plans/dreams/goals you have

Well, if we are talking about plans/dreams/goals for our own life, I bet there are thousands of them for each of you and that is the same as I have. I have lots of dreams and I am gonna mention a bit to you all o:)

1. I wanna make my parents proud of me.
2. I wanna have a job that has a particular relation in computer and design and photography and still don't know what that job is :(
3. For a short term, I just want to finish high school with a good result and get a scholarship for my bachelor degree.
4. I secretly wanna work at Google hehe ;;) Like seriously I do!!
5. Lastly, I wanna collecting postcards because I just started to like it and I have a few now :D

And that's it a bit of my dreams that I have but those not all I still have billion dreams :D and I am pretty sure you're the same as I am but just too ceebs to mention it all here wqwq

Anyway, it's nearly christmas right? Eventhough I don't celebrate it, I still have an advantage of christmas tho. At christmas I always get that Christmas cake for free from the community. Well the cake is just the same as I got last year and the taste as well. It's actually a fruit cake.

Anyway, I did some random shots today because I didn't go anywhere this morning and not gonna go probably until night -_- I took some photos of the DVDs that I borowed from the library and my desk. Pretty radom, isn't it? Yes, it is actually REALLY random.

The DVDs that I borrowed. 3Ms and 6PGs :x   

That is the comic that I've been reading since yesterday

My desk. You know the desk of someone can describe how the personality of the owner and can you see how nearly-tidy my desk is ;;)


Mother's Day

Kasih ibu
Kepada beta
Tak terhingga sepanjang masa
Hanya memberi
Tak harap kembali
Bagai sang surya
Menyinari dunia

That was the song that my kindergarten teacher used to teach me when I was in kindy to know how important my mum is. Well, I think, she is sucha wonder woman for me. She gave birth to me and she is raising me until I am this big together with my dad and she never asked for anything. Seriously, that is just something and you know what I have never gave her any precious presents in her birthday or in mother's day because I think, all of the presents that I gave her were not gonna last forever. The ones that is gonna last forever is the love I am giving her since I was a kid until now. That is gonna lasts forever even until I married <3 Hahaha :D

That is my mum and I taken few months ago
Just realised how beautiful is she compared to my crappy shitty face 
Anyway, since my mum is not in here with me and the rest of the family until the beginning of March next year, I decided not gonna buy her anything hehe ;;) but I still made her something tho. Y all know, something that made from our hands is more SOMETHING than something you buy somewhere, right? ;;) I made her a gif image and I sent it via facebook. Oh yeah, I am just realised how important facebook is and briefly, in this mother's day I just want to say,


Well, I know that I post this not in a right time, I mean everyone already posted about Mother's Day while I now just have a chance to make a post and post it. I've been just really busy with other things going on and I called it as jalan jalan wqwq. Today had a chance to go out. Well actually I was meant to just return some items to the library but you know the feeling you get when there is a huge sale and you don't buy anything so I went out for walk for a bit and took few photos of town. It was really hot by the way.

The crossroad in Victoria Square. I was just sitting down on the bench under the tree, it was really relaxing ;;D 

That is that huge christmas tree that always been there once a year 

That is the phone charm. It is so cute :3



♫ Libur tlah tiba
Libur tlah tiba
Hore.. Hore.. Hore..
Simpanlah tas dan bukumu
Lupakan keluh kesahmu

Libur tlah tiba
Libur tlah tiba
Hatiku gembira...

Satu kata, berjuta makna dan berjuta plans to make it as the best, HOLIDAY atau bahasa indonesianya LIBURAN. Kalo kata Tasya sih liburan itu waktunya untuk menyimpan semua tas dan buku kita ke dalam rak dan waku kita untukmelupakan segala keluh kesah kita and therefore, we are gonna be happy. Tapiiiii, ya masak hanya dengan menyimpan tas dan buku kita ke dalam rak, hati kita akan bahagia? Kalau saya sih enggak xD Saya itu butuh seabrek SESUATU agar liburan saya menjadi liburan yang bersejarah. #eaaa Seabrek sesuatu itu apa? Jadi seabrek sesuatu itu adalaahh :

Holiday Planning #1
Teman dan keluarga adalah salah satu alasan mengapa saya suka dengan yang namanya liburan. Tapi, ngobrol mengenai uang, kadang kala saat liburan uang di dalam dompet kita itu berjumlah minim atau bisa dikatakan nol -_- Saya mah benci banget kalo liburan terus nggak punya duit. Rasanya ada yang ilang gitu, kurang pas gitukan *sigh

Oya satu lagi yang pengin saya omongin. Biasanya kalo saya pengin keluar keluar gitu, saya itu butuh waktu lama untuk menentukan mau pake baju apa. Ini kalo menurut saya masalah banget buat para manusia yang biasa saya panggil dengan sebutan cewek. Kalo menurut saya nih ya, saya tuh malah nggak pede kalo saya nggak pake baju yang bikin saya comfortable -_-

Holiday Planning #2
Berhubung bentar lagi natal nih, pasti banyak banget yang ngadain sale besar besaran. Seneng banget nih kalo kayak gini, surga banget pokoknya. Berasa, berasa dapet barang bagus dengan harga murah -_-

Ada satu hal yang bikin saya frustrated kadang kadang. Rambut itu kadang ngeselin banget. Dia kayaknya suka ngatur dirinya ndiri. Kita udah maksa dia buat kayak gini, eh dia malah berulah. *pengin gue jitak bener ._.

Holiday Planning #3
And sleeping is the most important thing to do during the holiday, in my opinion. Tau kenapa? Kalian pasti juga udah tau alesannya wakakakak xD

30 Days Challenge - Day 17

Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why.

The person that I would love to switch lives with is Hermione Granger, that fictional character in Harry Potter.

Hermione Granger
source : google images
Hermione Granger
source : wikipedia

I would love to switch my live with her is because I think she is just amazing. You know, I like her cleverness and beautifulness (?) One more thing is I would love to be in a magic world just like the ones in Harry Potter movie. It is just gonna be super awesome <3

Her characteristic that I love the most is that she always focuses on what she is up to and those are the reason why I would love to switch my life with her one day :)


kena tag

Kyaaaa... Saya kena tag loh. Rasanya itu ya seperti orang yang terkena tag, senang bukan main #puitissekali -_- Tag ini berasal dari my blogger friend called WIDYA. She has amazing blog!!! Go have a visit yaaa :) ==>> http://wicapu.blogspot.com

The rules are :
Jelaskan 11 hal tentang diri kamu. Jawab 11 pertanyaan dari pemberi tag. Berikan tag dan 11 pertanyaan buatan kamu buat 11 orang yang lain.

Oke here we go saja ;D First rule, jelaskan 11 hal tentang diri kamu.
1. Saya ini suka nonton terutama film horor tapi saya benci film horor yang disellingi oleh ***** -_-
2. Tidur merupakan one of my favourite things to do. Kenapa? Karena kita bisa merefleksikan badan kita setelah kita seharian beraktivitas <<== malah kaya iklan -_-
3. Suka nulis, dan maka dari itu terciptalah blog nan jelek semampai ini #apapulamaksudnyajeleksemampai
4. Art dan photography are like my bestfriend <3
5. Payah kalo musti ngafalin sesuatu
6. It's possible for me being online the whole day *geek yah
7. Kalo lagi males mandi ya nggak mandi. Yaahhh pokoknya minimal sekali sehari, maksimal 3kali sehari laahhh wqwq
8. Suka ilfill gitu kalo ngeliat orang yang galau karena cinta tapi lebaynya itu lo bikin nggak tahan
9. Kalo masalah pelajaran, saya itu mah suka ngerti kalo dijelasin tapi saat udah dapet ulangan, beehhh bingung ndiri
10. Makan itu salah satu kelebihan saya. Sekenyang apapun saya, kalo ada satu makanan yang saya belum pernah coba pasti saya coba <<== contoh orang kagak pernah makan -_-
11. Saya BAIK wqwqwq #banggabanget #kesannyajadingesok

Second Rule, jawab 11 pertanyaan dari pemberi tag.
1. Kalo gede mau jadi apa? Gimana cara kamu mencapainya?
Penginnya sih jadi graphic designer, tapi ya masih belum 100% yakin :_(

2. Lebih suka coklat atau vanilla?

3. Pengennya blog kamu kaya gimana sih?
Pengennya sih ya kayak gini aja. Nggak usah banyak berubah, yang penting bisa berguna bagi masyarakat dan negara #eaaa #penting

4. Per minggu habis pulsa berapa?
Nggak tentu sih ya

5. Suka K-POP apa nggak? Kalo iya apa dan kenapa? Kalo enggak kenapa?
Benernya sih biasa aja soalnya saya masih suka band band barat ckck

6. Cowok yang pernah masuk mimpi kamu?
*ehm* siapa ya? *ehm* #insomnia #ehsalah #amnesia

7. Urutan orang yang paling penting dan berharga buat kamu?
Families, Bestfriends, Friends and *gangguan*

8. Gimana gaya tidur kamu?
Telentang, serong kanan, serong kiri #iniguengomongapasih -_-

9. Novel or comic?
Komik donk \^o^/

10. Pelajaran yang paling kamu suka? Kalo yang paling dibenci? Kenapa sih?
Pelajaran yang paling disuka matematika soalnya jawabannya pasti nggak kayak bahasa -_-
Yang paling nggak disuka biologi soalnya kebanyakan apalan sih wk

11. Kejadian yang paling mengesankan buat kamu gimana sih? Ceritain dong...
Kejadian yang paling mengesankan itu saat saya lulus smp entah rasanya mengesankan gimanaaa getoh #eaak

Third Rule, berikan tag dan 11 pertanyaan buatan kamu buat 11 orang yang lain. Pertanyaan saya adalah:
1. Menurut kalian kenapa kok ayu ting ting mau jadi penyanyi dangdut?
2. Kalian pernah makan jengkol nggak? Kalau iya, gimana rasanya? Kalau belum mau nyobain apa enggak dan alasannya kenapa?
3. Apa yang akan kalian lakukan saat kalian ketemu pak SBY?
4. Gaya foto alay itu menurut kalian kayak gimana?
5. Kenapa hayo? ==>> kehabisan ide wqwq *jawab apa adanya aja ok ;;)
6. Penyanyi Indo yang menurut kalian videoclipnya selalu gokil siapa?
7. Tomat itu buah atau sayuran? dan vitamin apa yang dikandung oleh tomat?
8. Menurut kalian nama nenek saya siapa? wqwq
9. Hari ini capek nggak?
10. Apa yang dimaksud dengan aljabar? dan kalian mau nggak pacaran sama si aljabar? *eh *udahlah jawab aja seadanya okeh ;;)
11. Menurut kalian gimana pertanyaan pertanyaan yang saya buat? Cukup inteligenkah atau bagaimana? hahaha xD

Dan 11 orang yang beruntung untuk mendapatkan tag dari saya adalah :
1. Alika
2. Febby
3. April
5. Nabila
6. Pritha
7. Lalaa
8. Zakiah
9. Esensi
10. Ghea
11. Julita

Finally doneeeee *berasa abis lari kelilingin stadion 10 kali -_-
Kepada yang terkena tag, mohon dilakukan, kalau nggak mau yaaa serah lah #pasrahbinnunduk

PS. Gue nyelesein ini post lama banget loh ya sumpah. Bagian paling lamanya itu pas bikin pertanyaan sama bingung mo ngetag ke sapa dan sekarang gue belum makan. Tolong siapa saja kasih saya makanan -_-